Part # Description
10580 Super Pencil™
  • 100% Solid Writing Material
  • Lasts 7X Longer
  • Works with or without sharpening
  • Smudge and water resistant
  • Made entirely from non-toxic, graphite composition
  • Marks wood, paper, and concrete and many other materials
  • Extremely Flexible
It's A Pencil. It's A Tool. It's Super Pencil SuperPencil Super-Pencil Extremely Flexible

Carpenter Pencils
Part # Description
10378 Hard Lead
10379 Soft Lead
10380 Medium Lead
10316 Economy Unfinished Medium Basswood
10560 Sure-Point. Finish Carpenter's Pencil (Round)
10561 Red Lead Finish Pencil (Round)


  • Oversized pencils with flat surfaces

  • Finish pencils with round surfaces

  • Perfect for marking saw lines, drill points, etc.

  • 1/2" x 1/4" x 7" long; each pencil bar-coded

Wood Pencil

Mechanical Carpenter Pencil
Part # Description
10308 Mechanical Carpenter Pencil


  • Pencil leads do not require the use of a separate sharpener

  • Durable design

  • Comes with 7 leads

  • Storage for additional leads

  • Clip for tool belt or pocket

Replacement leads for
Mechanical Carpenter Pencil

Part # Description
10309 Replacement leads for Mechanical Carpenter Pencil


  • Comes with 7 leads

Pencil Armor® Counter Display

Part # Description
10405 Pencil Armor® Counter Display
(Pencil not included)
00118 Pencil Armor® and Carp. Pencil - Carded




  • Holds pencil securely

  • Helps prevent pencil breakage

PencilArmor Pencil-Armor

VersaSharp™ Sharpener
Part # Description
00202 VersaSharp™ Sharpener - 25 count Box
00208 VersaSharp™ Sharpener - 25 count Fish Bowl
00206 Combo 2 Pencils w/VersaSharp™
00213 10 Hanson Pencils w/1 VersaSharp™
00221 6 Hanson Pencils w/ 1 VersaSharp™


  • Sharpens carpenters pencils

  • Sharpens lumber crayons

  • Ergonomically designed

Versa-Sharp Versa Sharp

Rite in the Rain® All Weather Paper
Part # Description
00205 Rite in the Rain® All Weather Paper


  • Water resistant

  • Use it in any weather condition wet or dry!

  • Work won't smear

  • Paper stays stronger longer

  • 50 count sheets

  • Includes pop clip strip

Rite-in-the-Rain Rite-in the Rain All-Weather Right in the Rain Write in the Rain

Pro-Sharp™ Finishing Pencil Carpenter
Part # Description

Pro-Sharp™ Finishing Carpenter Pencil Kit
4 FSC© Certified black lead finish pencils
1 FSC© Certified red lead finish pencils
1 Pro-Sharp™ Chuckable Pencil Sharpener

02002 25 Pcs Pro-Sharp™ Fishbowl
  • World's first chuckable drill powered pencil sharpener

  • Universally fits any drill or 1/4" (65mm) quick change system

  • Produces a fast, consistent pencil point every time

Pro Sharp ProSharp Fish-Bowl